Laser Periodontal Treatment

How laser dentistry from your dentist in Monroe, Michigan can treat periodontal disease

If you have periodontal disease, periodontal treatment is vital to maintaining the health of your smile. In the past, the only periodontal treatment available was incising your gums with scalpels and other hand tools. Thanks to laser technology, you have a new, better choice. Laser periodontal treatment has revolutionized periodontal therapy.

Dr. Maria McMullin at McMullin Dental Care in Monroe, Michigan uses amazing Waterlase technology to provide state-of-the-art periodontal care. Waterlase is different from conventional periodontal tools and lasers because it uses laser-energized water particles to sculpt gum tissue.

Dr. McMullin uses laser technology to:

  • Recontour the height or shape of your gum tissue, giving you a more balanced smile
  • Remove excess gum tissue to get rid of a “gummy smile” and reveal more of your beautiful teeth
  • Repair bone and soft tissue loss to eliminate deep pockets and make your mouth easier to keep clean and healthy

Lasers are an excellent option for periodontal treatment. People prefer lasers because they are:

  • Faster and quicker than conventional tools, resulting in a shorter treatment time and more relaxing treatment
  • More precise than conventional tools, resulting in less bleeding and minimal scarring
  • More comfortable than conventional tools resulting in a shorter recovery period with minimal side-effects
  • Lasers also help to kill the bacteria associated with periodontal disease, which will aid in healing and give you a healthier smile.

Dental lasers have been used successfully for decades to diagnose dental problems and prepare teeth for dental restorations. They are now used extensively to treat periodontal disease too.

If you haven’t discovered how dental lasers can help you, it’s time to talk with an expert. To find out more about laser periodontal disease treatment, call Dr. Maria McMullin at McMullin Dental Care in Monroe, Michigan. Call today and get started on the road to a healthier smile with laser periodontal therapy.

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