Waterlase™ Dental Laser

The Waterlase uses HYDROKINETIC technology to perform a variety of dental procedures including cavity preparation, caries removal, tooth etching, and a wide range of soft tissue (gum) procedures.

The Waterlase has been cleared for HARD & SOFT tissue procedures for both children and adults. Waterlase is distributed domestically and internationally.

The Waterlase system is a revolutionary new dental device that uses laser-energized water to cut teeth. BIOLASE® received FDA clearance to market the Waterlase system for use on hard tissue (teeth) on October 9, 1998. The HYDROKINETIC energy produced by the laser-energized water is a patented technology invented by BIOLASE® scientists and engineers.

What are benefits of the Waterlase?

  • Waterlase significantly improves patients' comfort in the dentist's chair: 98.5% of patients treated with the Waterlase system reported no discomfort during the procedure in a randomized, double-blind clinical trial conducted at the University of the Pacific.
  • Because it does not cause heat or vibration in the mouth, Waterlase may ease the pain and anxiety of patients who fear the vibration and high-pitched whine of traditional drills. In contrast, the Waterlase makes a gentle "tapping" noise.
  • Waterlase uses a cool-water spray to cut teeth without generating heat. Conventional drills and lasers can overheat teeth during procedures, inducing discomfort and irreversibly damaging the soft tissue or pulp underneath.

How does Waterlase work?

  • The Waterlase system uses laser-energized water to cut teeth.
  • The Waterlase emits a laser beam that energizes a highly precise spray of air and water.
  • Water droplets absorb the laser energy and become laser-energized water particles that, when directed at the tooth, rapidly remove enamel, dentin and decay/caries.

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