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A beautiful smile has the power to improve the appearance of everyone. Some people naturally have wonderful smiles while others don't. That doesn't mean that you can't smile beautifully just because you didn't have orthodontic treatment as a child. Orthodontic treatment can improve your crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth at any age, which means that orthodontics is not just for children. With orthodontic treatment, adults can improve the health and functionality of their teeth and bite, and get a beautiful smile in return. Modern advancements and improved technologies have made orthodontic treatment for adults an easy procedure. Get fast, effective results and let the world see your beautiful smile!

Metal/Self-Ligating Brackets

Modern orthodontists chose self-ligating brackets for effective treatment. This new improved technology has helped to reduce the friction previously experienced between wires and brackets, which allows the use of much lighter weight forces. This ensures the health of the gums and bone tissues. This means that the treatment process is faster and braces require to be adjusted less frequently. This has also enabled orthodontists to reduce the need for extractions as compared to treatments in the past. Patients experience more convenience with faster treatment, fewer appointments, and effective results.

Ceramic Brackets

Many adults do not consider orthodontic treatment because of the idea that braces attract too much attention and are just not “age appropriate.” This is no longer true as the advancements in orthodontics have led to the formation of brackets which can hardly be seen. Ceramic brackets are an innovation in orthodontics. They are also known as tooth-colored brackets due to the fact that they appear transparent. Ceramic brackets have made orthodontics treatment more cosmetically appealing than ever before. You no longer need to have the “train track” metal braces as ceramic brackets are barely visible. Ceramic brackets are also available as self-ligating brackets, which ensure that you receive comfort at every level of your treatment.

Lingual Brackets

Lingual brackets are literally invisible, even to you. The reason behind this innovation in modern orthodontics is that these brackets are actually placed behind the teeth, which makes them almost invisible. Only the patient and the orthodontist know about the presence of these brackets. Lingual brackets work behind the scenes to correct the positioning of the teeth and properly align the jaws. With modern technology and advancements, anyone can get orthodontic treatment while attracting the least amount of attention.


Treatment with Invisalign is an innovation in orthodontics, which straightens teeth by correcting crowding by means of removable aligners made of clear material that is worn over the top and sides of the teeth. Invisalign makes use of computer imaging to customize aligners based on the orthodontist's treatment plan and diagnosis. The aligners help to position your teeth correctly for improved functioning and a beautiful smile.

The added benefit of the aligners is that they are removable, allowing for easy brushing, and flossing, and eating. The duration of the treatment is usually around six to twenty months and can provide results similar to traditional braces.

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